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***Measles Outbreak Recommendations***

  • Currently there are no changes in our recommendations about timing of MMR vaccination at or after 1 and 4 years of age, for our patients residing in Manhattan. We will be carefully following any updates to this recommendation as they come in from sources such as the AAP, CDC and NYC DOH.

  • The MMR vaccine can safely be given between 6-12 months of age if traveling or planning to visit areas where there is an outbreak (i.e. Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

  • There are no additional precautions about our approach to preventing the spread of illness. Continue to practice good hand washing, cover your mouth/nose with your arm when sneezing and coughing and stay home from work or school if you have fever (up until 24 hours without fever) and/or a suspicious rash. Seek medical attention if complications develop (i.e. respiratory distress or dehydration).

  • We continue to strongly recommend full and timely administration of vaccines against preventable diseases.

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The documents below are guidelines to help our families.  Feel free to download the forms for your reference.

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